The Day After

Staring at the keyboard, I realize the jitters are gone.  Not even pushups and two cups of this morning’s leftover joe can change that. Not after yesterday’s savaging of the keyboard with “First Time Jitters”.  I’m sure more than one techie was chuckling at my clumsy usage of html.  

And yet, the blog emerges stronger today, focused and fortified with the guidance of one of the blogworld’s magi.  Sadly, despite the magi’s most valiant efforts,  I must confess that the mysteries of the blogosphere apps remain beyond this writer’s grasp. In short, my blognorance persists. Some things are just meant to remain a secret.   

But what happens when that little buzz of curiousity refuses to take flight?Where does man look for answers? The Bible? The Torah? Did the prophets of old speak of blogging and its hidden links, buttons and plugins? But then it hit me.  The answer had always been in front of my face. I surfed through the option menu on the television.

Scrolling through one documentary after another, it all became clear. Patience, I reminded myself.  It would not be long before the History Channel runs an in-depth segment on blogosphere apps. It wouldn’t stop there, of course. Not with Dan Brown of  Da Vinci Code  fame snooping and sniffing around for new material. Surely the famed author would be powerless to resist the allure of such a rich topic. I can already envision the title, “Blog Apps: The Masons and their Links to Hyperlinks and Tags” by Dan Brown.  I”m sure that in the sequel it would be revealed that Thomas Jefferson, and not Al Gore, invented the internet.  I pray that day never comes. I fear the delicate American psyche ill-prepared to handle such a revelation.

Which brings me to the hour’s topic: why blog?

Why not? I blog therefore I am. Essence before existence. Ok. I’ll stop there. That’s the point. A blog can be about anything.  Don’t believe me, just review the first four paragraphs of this blog.


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