Lost in the Grip of Madness

Powering up the laptop, I had every intention of scratching out a quick book review on a novel I had just finished the day before.  Setting fingers to keyboard, all my intentions amounted to nothing more than a blank screen and blinking cursor.  Curses!  Writers block? Not exactly. It was a good book and worth mentioning, but all I could think about was this Friday,  the 25th of March.  No, I’m not referring to this Friday as being my last day employed as a magistrate. Though it is, of course.  But joining the great mass of unemployed pales in comparison to the cataclysmic event set to go off at 9:45 p.m. in Newark, New Jersey.

I’m talking March Madness, player! (I wanted to say ‘baby’ and not player, but baby belongs to the bald one, Dicky Vitale) I’m talking about the number one overall seed, the Ohio State University Buckeyes, colliding with college hoops royalty, the fourth-seeded Wildcats of Kentucky. Even the most lukewarm of hoops fans should be excited about this one. It’s a Final Four worthy match-up the world will be treated to come this Friday evening. So gather with friends and family and park yourself in front of the big screen and enjoy what I suspect will become an instant classic.  Until then, this speck of blue lost in a sea of scarlet and gray can only hope that March’s Madness will soon recede and lucidity makes a welcome return. When it does, so will the blogs.  Until then, for all you hoops fans salivating over the match-up, check out my boy at tencentbeerblog See you all Saturday.


  1. Krystal

    My funny honey…that’s why I love you!

  2. Asil Dance

    Um, who is “Dicky Vitale,” and why is he calling people “Baby?”… Oh, wait! Crap in a hat, this is another one of those sports blogs, isn’t it? Now, look, a smidgen of advice, from one mental case to another, you jock folks need treatment…

  3. tiffer

    GO BUCKS!!!!! I have them winning it all baby:) I do hate to see Kentucky lose, but if it’s going to be to the benefit of my pockets becoming bigger, then I am OK with that. I agree with you that this game will become a classic. Well, at least in all of the Tackett households:)

  4. georgie

    Anyone else creeped out by Leslie Visser’s bizarre lighting issues and her man hands on day 1 of the tourney?

  5. LaRhonda

    woo, hoo….that’s about all the excitement I can muster..sorry game fans, but not my cup of tea….one more time…..woo, hoo.

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