Mad Monday

It’s Monday, March 28th. Three days have passed since my last day of employment as a magistrate. This morning passed as any other morning before it. Yawn, shower, dress and go. I was downtown before the first stirrings of dawn, except this time I remained huddled outside in the chill stamping my feet and sipping hot coffee to stay warm. I waited for the line at the temp agency to form, but none ever did. The coffee dried up and my interest with it so I left for home, hoping to put some time in on my manuscript. That never happened. The unfinished book sits alone, a mere arm-length away, loitering and collecting dust on the corner of the desk. And it can stay there, at least for time being. And why is that?

Because I’ve been stricken with madness, that’s why. March Madness. And I’ve picked up a serious case of it and don’t see my condition improving until at least this coming Saturday. You see, I’m a University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, which means that I’m prone to extremes when the Cats are performing well at this time of the year. (You should see the other extreme when the Cats are playing poorly. Not pretty) And they are performing well. Just ask Ohio State and North Carolina and West Virginia and Princeton before that. But that’s yesterday’s news and now it’s off to Houston, Texas for the Cats, and into the Final Four. I want to be there and I know that every day this week will find me wrestling with the impulse to road trip it to Houston and try to score tickets. Until this Saturday’s match-up of UK v UCONN comes and goes, I will probably think of little else. See. I told you. I have it bad.

Now everyone out there in the blogosphere can stop the bellyaching and groaning. I assure you that Joe Unleashed is not going to suddenly morph into a sports blog. But until my obsession with writing and literature returns, let the madness continue…


  1. LaRhonda

    The madness or should I say your explanation of the madness, is quite entertaining. The Kentucky Wildcats have been a part of your life since…well, always. It is not your fault, it’s genetic (on your father’s side). You were doomed before you were born and unfortunately, there is no cure. Avoid the DT’s and get your once a year fix because until they win the Lombardi Trophy, no that’s not right…the Stanley cup, no that’s not right either….the World Series Trophy….Oh, yeah(snapping my fingers) … …the Larry O’Brien trophy, there will be nothing but blue and white dancing through that brain of yours. I will wait patiently for the madness to fade and for your world to return to black and white.

  2. tiffer

    UK, UK, UK, UK!!!! If I were rich, I would buy you and Matt tickets and send you to Houston:)

  3. Krystal

    I can attest…he’s got the madness…BAD!

  4. Asil Dance

    Isn’t there a twelve program for this sort of thing?

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