The Strategy Behind Online Roulette

Many people enjoy the thrill of casinos. These days, there are more ways than ever for people to gamble and play games of chance. Online casinos, both in the United States and abroad have grown in popularity throughout the years. Roulette is a popular casino game that many people enjoy. Roulette involves a ball randomly bouncing around a spinning wheel before stopping on a number that corresponds with a color.

The person playing sets a certain amount of chips on a number, color, number category such as even or odd, range, etc. If the ball lands on a winning choice, the player receives a payout based on the odds of their choice occurring. If their choice doesn’t come up, the player loses the money they wagered. Online roulette allows payouts based on people who load accounts with a credit or debit card. Like roulette played in any no deposit required casino, strategy is involved when playing in an online casino.

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It’s an Odds Game

Roulette is an easy game to learn, because you simply put chips on a choice and let it ride. However, greater payouts are available for risking greater odds. In order to understand strategies, you must first understand the odds. Odds charts for Roulette are widely available and can be learned by reading through it. The strategy used online is the same strategy that is used in a no deposit required casino.

For instance, playing the outside of the table has a 47.37 percent chance, with the payout doubling whatever money you play.

Playing the Outside of the Table

For beginners, playing the outside of the table, red, black, even, odd, etc. is the safest option. Not only do you have a greater chance of receiving a payout, it involves less thinking and stress. The downside is that the payout isn’t as great as other strategies.

Spreading it Out

Another popular strategy both online and in a no deposit required casino is to diversify your choices. This involves placing smaller amounts of money on options with higher payouts, such as landing a particular number or set of numbers, while spreading it out on easier options to win so that if you lose a few, you have a chance of regaining or protecting some money. This is called insurance.

Strategy is key when playing online roulette. Be sure to read up on various strategies so you can play intelligently and increase your money.

Final table all set for World Series of Poker

The biggest poker tournament in the world has its final table set for the ultimate showdown. The World Series of Poker still gets the most attention, and we’ll see the final showdown later this year. Jesse Sylvia of Massachusetts holds the chip lead with more than 44 million chips. Andras Koroknai of Hungary is in second place with around 30 million chips and Greg Merson is in third with nearly 29 million. When you look at the field and the leaders you start to understand how this is a worldwide phenomenon.

Also, we now have so many poker stars who got their start with online poker, and the innovation just keeps coming. You have tons of players building up their skills with iPad poker, and off course there are many online events for the world series of poker. Combine that with all of the states that are adding gambling and poker, and we’re seeing the popularity of the game continuing to grow.

This bodes well for all sorts of companies. The feds have basically said this is a game of skill, deferring now to the states to regulate this going forward. In some ways this is creating a free for all. How it evolves precisely nobody knows, except that there are more places to play and more players with easy access. So we’ll likely see this event drawing a ton of attention around the world for years to come.

Ever the Fool

Draining another cup of complimentary coffee, I tossed the empty Styrofoam cup into the waste basket and sidled into the chair opposite a neatly dressed gentleman whom I only have occasion to see once a year.  As soon as my bottom touched down, an overwhelming sense of dread engulfed me. The temperature outside was not even 40 degrees, but my nerves did not know the difference and the sweat  poured from my face, stinging eyes and continuing in salty rivulets as it coursed through the stubble of my unshaven cheeks and jaw and into the cotton fabric of my hoodie.

“Do you have everything?” the gentleman asked.

“I think,”  I said, frisking my jeans pockets one last time and emerging with stray lint and an old piece of gum. Not surprisingly, the gentleman refused the offer of gum.  “It should all be there,” I said, sliding the manila folder across the desk and into the practiced hands of  my tax preparer, Rob.

Rob opened the packet and riffled through the assortment of documents, clucking his tongue against the side of his cheek. “Here we go,” he said, his hand emerging with the sweet stuff: w-2′s, student loans and mortgage interest documents, charitable contributions, etc. “Let’s see what the damage is.”

My heart leaped into my throat and the walls seemed to push inward, the room suddenly grown smaller.  “Damage? What do you mean?” I asked, already knowing the answer but loathe to accept it.

“What you’re going to owe to the state and Uncle Sam,” came the reply.

And there it was. The proverbial shot across the bow. The dread words most taxpayers never wish to have muttered in their presence.  My adrenal glands reacted as expected: overly so. Squirming in the chair, images of indentured servitude and debtors prison competed for slots in my mind’s eye with visions of stony-faced tax collectors demanding my eldest born in exchange for clemency.

Rob took in the spectacle, a sympathetic smile turning up the corners of his mouth. “If anything,” Rob added, his fingers already gliding over the keyboard of the computer, feverishly adding and subtracting, exempting this and crediting that.  It was not long before the familiar whir of a high speed printer spat out the sum of last year’s labors.

Rob scanned it over and looked up, his expression flat and unreadable. He cleared his throat.  “Your refund is…”

I never heard the amount.  It didn’t matter. I was too busy reveling in another year of mediocrity to really care.  Thanking Rob, I left his office with dreams of converting the tax refund into  a cross-country flight to Houston and hotel room and a pair of seats for the Final Four.  That’s right. I’m still struggling with madness, or as someone with no medical training diagnosed; I have Final Four Fever.  What? You thought this blog post was about taxes? Not a chance. Not with UK still playing ball.

Mad Monday

It’s Monday, March 28th. Three days have passed since my last day of employment as a magistrate. This morning passed as any other morning before it. Yawn, shower, dress and go. I was downtown before the first stirrings of dawn, except this time I remained huddled outside in the chill stamping my feet and sipping hot coffee to stay warm. I waited for the line at the temp agency to form, but none ever did. The coffee dried up and my interest with it so I left for home, hoping to put some time in on my manuscript. That never happened. The unfinished book sits alone, a mere arm-length away, loitering and collecting dust on the corner of the desk. And it can stay there, at least for time being. And why is that?

Because I’ve been stricken with madness, that’s why. March Madness. And I’ve picked up a serious case of it and don’t see my condition improving until at least this coming Saturday. You see, I’m a University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, which means that I’m prone to extremes when the Cats are performing well at this time of the year. (You should see the other extreme when the Cats are playing poorly. Not pretty) And they are performing well. Just ask Ohio State and North Carolina and West Virginia and Princeton before that. But that’s yesterday’s news and now it’s off to Houston, Texas for the Cats, and into the Final Four. I want to be there and I know that every day this week will find me wrestling with the impulse to road trip it to Houston and try to score tickets. Until this Saturday’s match-up of UK v UCONN comes and goes, I will probably think of little else. See. I told you. I have it bad.

Now everyone out there in the blogosphere can stop the bellyaching and groaning. I assure you that Joe Unleashed is not going to suddenly morph into a sports blog. But until my obsession with writing and literature returns, let the madness continue…

Lost in the Grip of Madness

Powering up the laptop, I had every intention of scratching out a quick book review on a novel I had just finished the day before.  Setting fingers to keyboard, all my intentions amounted to nothing more than a blank screen and blinking cursor.  Curses!  Writers block? Not exactly. It was a good book and worth mentioning, but all I could think about was this Friday,  the 25th of March.  No, I’m not referring to this Friday as being my last day employed as a magistrate. Though it is, of course.  But joining the great mass of unemployed pales in comparison to the cataclysmic event set to go off at 9:45 p.m. in Newark, New Jersey.

I’m talking March Madness, player! (I wanted to say ‘baby’ and not player, but baby belongs to the bald one, Dicky Vitale) I’m talking about the number one overall seed, the Ohio State University Buckeyes, colliding with college hoops royalty, the fourth-seeded Wildcats of Kentucky. Even the most lukewarm of hoops fans should be excited about this one. It’s a Final Four worthy match-up the world will be treated to come this Friday evening. So gather with friends and family and park yourself in front of the big screen and enjoy what I suspect will become an instant classic.  Until then, this speck of blue lost in a sea of scarlet and gray can only hope that March’s Madness will soon recede and lucidity makes a welcome return. When it does, so will the blogs.  Until then, for all you hoops fans salivating over the match-up, check out my boy at tencentbeerblog See you all Saturday.


 ”It is the rare fortune these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.”  Tacitus

In the spirit of the timeless quote above, I’d like to give a shout out to a couple of fellow upstart bloggers, their ventures into the blogosphere launching close in time to that of Joe Unleashed. I applaude them both. In honor of this momentous linking, I shall not post today, instead I will read their posts, perhaps comment, and then turn to working on tidying up my novel.  

And now please join me in welcoming Caff and his love of cheap beer and sports over at  Take a bow, Caff. I salute your steadfast optimism and belief in the three Cleveland sports franchises. It must be the cheap beer.

I would introduce you to Charlita, but I suspect she may be lost within the maze of clothes that is her closet. Last time I checked, she was here, engaging the fool and tyrant at

Til next time, read, think and write. Your muse will thank you for it.

New Horizons

“New Horizons”.  Sounds cliche, does it not? However, if the shoe fits, then wear it.  And that brings me to why I even bothered to power up my laptop this morning; a strong sense that it would be a serious mistake to ignore a journey that has tugged and seduced the edges of my mind for years with its potentialities.

“The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”  I didn’t coin that phrase. I’m not that clever. W.E.B. Dubois deserves the kudos for that nugget of wisdom. And yet it speaks to the creative thoughts and musings buried in all hearts, and to the visions that grow out of a heartfelt desire to act on a dream. But life interrupts and most dreams are left to wither on the vine, and shrivel and drift away, the untaken path little more than flotsam on life’s great river of what-ifs.

Since 1996, I have been working in the criminal justice system in one capacity or another. Cop, legal intern during lawschool, defense attorney, and at present, magistrate.  On March 25, I no longer will be a magistrate. Once again, I will be unemployed, but still an attorney. And that little tidbit is why you readers were subjected to the whole “New Horizons” cliche, admittedly anti-climactic for the reader, but singularly exhilerating for the author.

It’s not as if the prospect of unemployment is exhilerating in and of itself.  Being an unemployed attorney and writer/blogger is probably not at the top of everyone’s idea of success. There is nothing sexy about reaching in your pocket and emerging with lint and a couple of tic tacs.  Conceptually, it’s a hard sell and print will not be wasted in a vain attempt to otherwise convince.  The reality is that on March 26, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west and the immediate geography and landmarks upon which my eyes rest will be the same as the day before. 

But that suits this blogger just fine. I’ll take President Theodore Roosevelt’s advice and do what I can, with what I have, where I am. The journey will be full of detours and alot can happen along the way that is unexpected. Taking on cases and churning out novels takes a lot of work, but that too is part of the journey and should provide plenty of fodder for future blogs.

Looking back on my decision to resign, I realize that dreaming and thinking of writing was the easy part, but to put thoughts into action was one of the most difficult. There is no turning back and now this aspiring novelist must put hands to keyboard and create the very vision which impelled the taking of W.E.B. Dubois’ sage advice in the first place. Wish me luck, and if you’re inclined to do so, say a prayer for this author as lance is lowered and the chasing of the illusive literary windmill begins. It should prove interesting.

The Day After

Staring at the keyboard, I realize the jitters are gone.  Not even pushups and two cups of this morning’s leftover joe can change that. Not after yesterday’s savaging of the keyboard with “First Time Jitters”.  I’m sure more than one techie was chuckling at my clumsy usage of html.  

And yet, the blog emerges stronger today, focused and fortified with the guidance of one of the blogworld’s magi.  Sadly, despite the magi’s most valiant efforts,  I must confess that the mysteries of the blogosphere apps remain beyond this writer’s grasp. In short, my blognorance persists. Some things are just meant to remain a secret.   

But what happens when that little buzz of curiousity refuses to take flight?Where does man look for answers? The Bible? The Torah? Did the prophets of old speak of blogging and its hidden links, buttons and plugins? But then it hit me.  The answer had always been in front of my face. I surfed through the option menu on the television.

Scrolling through one documentary after another, it all became clear. Patience, I reminded myself.  It would not be long before the History Channel runs an in-depth segment on blogosphere apps. It wouldn’t stop there, of course. Not with Dan Brown of  Da Vinci Code  fame snooping and sniffing around for new material. Surely the famed author would be powerless to resist the allure of such a rich topic. I can already envision the title, “Blog Apps: The Masons and their Links to Hyperlinks and Tags” by Dan Brown.  I”m sure that in the sequel it would be revealed that Thomas Jefferson, and not Al Gore, invented the internet.  I pray that day never comes. I fear the delicate American psyche ill-prepared to handle such a revelation.

Which brings me to the hour’s topic: why blog?

Why not? I blog therefore I am. Essence before existence. Ok. I’ll stop there. That’s the point. A blog can be about anything.  Don’t believe me, just review the first four paragraphs of this blog.

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