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As smartphones gradually replace many other necessities in our daily lives – such as the GPS, pocket organizer, address book and more, phones are also replacing entertainment. From watching movies, to enjoying music to reading books – it can all be done via phone, and many of the books are absolutely free. No one that owns a smartphone will ever again be stuck waiting at the airport or auto repair shop without something good to read.

To take advantage of these new eBook offerings, simply choose an eBook reader from your smartphone, such as the T-Mobile 4G phones, and download it. This allows you to download and read eBooks. Some are paid and some are completely free, and here are the top downloads out of the offerings that are entirely no-charge.

Light Through the Cracks

The fictional tale by Rebecca Raymer chronicles the story of a young woman named Lucy who runs away from an abusive home and winds up living in her car, pregnant with her drug dealer’s child. Full of surprises, this story brings heartbreak and sorrow, joy and laughter and many other emotions.


This Sci-Fi fantasy by Racheal Daigle is the fourth book in the Fated Saga. Full of suspense, this novel is about bonds that ought never to be broken.

101 Ways to Make Love to Yourself

A self-improvement book by Shevy Cardoza, it tells how to begin loving yourself and treating yourself right after coming through serious issues of self-doubt, depression and deep feelings of worthlessness. For anyone recovering from low self-esteem, eating disorders and other emotional problems, this books helps lead the way to true, fulfilling joy.

Colonel’s Book of Jokes and Trivia

This humorous book by Alok Kumor is a great way to pass the time, the perfect solution for a quick pick-me-up, and the jokes and interesting trivial facts are certain to make it into everyday conversations and speaking engagements you might have.

Dimension Shifter

This fiction novel by T.M. Neilson takes place in a world where the dimensions are in total uproar and magic has been outlawed. As an illegal magic user, Kyrin is forced to travel from dimension to dimension to avoid the law – which is determined to kill her for her illegal activities. Water is scarce in this world, making things even tougher.


A fictional story by Rachel Daigle, this book is about the shifting of the world of magic. Everything is changing, and not for the better, yet it is three years before the doorway back home opens up.

Other Titles

No matter what genre of books you’re into, there are definitely titles out there waiting for you to enjoy. EReader apps make it satisfying to “flip” pages in a natural motion, and many allow you to expand the text on the screen for larger print, or reduce the size to get more text on the page at the same time. Read the features of the eReader you’re considering for download to see what features it offers and how other users rate the app.
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Culture of Drinking

The culture of drinking permeates our society
The media and peers pressure to alleviate sobriety
Messages converge and conflict to create confusion:
designed by purveyors and marketers to create the illusion
That alcohol is the key to enhance life’s experiences
That beer, wine or drink is a must in all circumstances
To celebrate, commiserate or punctuate each time
a social gathering is planned, a well-stocked bar is prime
Raise your glass, give a toast, down a shot, it’s expected
Not interested? All protests and excuses are rejected
because drinkers can’t handle it, they get uncomfortable and nervous
When there’s a holdout, they relentlessly press him into service
to fill his glass with something stronger than water or carbonation
so they don’t have to face the mirror for succumbing to their own temptation
Instead they hide behind the false camaraderie
created by a bottle instead of shared history

For many who believe the hype, it follows them back home
so pervasively throughout the media is the image shown
they start by drinking with others — pretty soon they drink alone
even those who have it buried deep within their genes
who’ve had blackouts, loss of speech and a host of other things
fool themselves into believing that the disease can’t touch them
even as they ignore the pain and grief that others will condemn
But for the few who’ve battled and been scarred
every day is a constant struggle against the bombard
of images, words and pressure
trying to make them something lesser
than what they’re striving so hard to become
to sail above rather than to stay numb
one day at a time, that is their prayer
for salvation from the demons that stare
trying to seduce them into falling from grace,
laboring constantly and tirelessly to erase
the ebb, flow and pull of addiction pulsing through their veins
or the sight of a loved one trying to throw off those chains

Jody L. Barilla
© 3/15/09



Not easy to retrain your brain from “we” to “I”
After a lifetime of eating the whole pie
Already come from different planets, Venus and Mars
Then sprinkle these pronouns among the stars
It is a concept that transcends the grammatical
And operates to append the compatible
To learn to factor two not one in the equation
And include another in the conversation
Creating a dialogue
Translating the monologue
To share an equality of vision
And walk together on the same mission
Transforming the drum beat of two separate hearts
Into the base heat of souls refusing to be torn apart
The path will be rocky with hidden pits and cracks
But “we” can offer the support that “I” otherwise lacks


A Roman Peace in Briton: Blood on the Stone

Previously on Joe Unleashed, the world bore witness to how I felt about the state of the publishing industry and in particular, the fear and loathing in which I held it. I’m certain I’m not the first novelist or writer to harbor such sentiments. As a matter of fact, witnessing the proliferation of e-reader devices and vanity presses, I’m quite sure of it.  But alas, nevermore shall I dwell on such thoughts.  The die is cast and the proverbial Rubicon crossed. With very little peril, I may add.  Very anti-climatic and not nearly as dramatic or performed with the same flourish as the late, great Julius Caesar when he originally coined the phrase.

Nonetheless, here is a peek at my debut novel,

Over two thousand years ago, in a vanished world in which gallant death and honor still holds sway, Gaius Julius Caesar is blitzing through Briton’s fierce, blue-painted warlords, exacting a heavy price in exchange for peace. News from Rome and word of rebellion in war-ravaged Gaul cut short Caesar’s invasion of Briton, leaving him little choice but to return to the mainland. Leaving for Gaul, Caesar entrusts a depleted legion to Cussius Caesar, and senior centurion, Marcus Rulus. With orders to further explore Briton and return to Gaul with the tribute, Marcus and Cussius find themselves in a remarkable quest to carve a future out of the land. A Roman Peace in Briton follows the lives of those left behind whose fates become bound to the people of the fabled, fog-bound lands of ancient Briton. Filled with dramatic scenes and abounding in fictional and historical personalities, A Roman Peace in Briton hooks with passionate storytelling and engulfs the reader in events of historical legend.

Still not enough? Then how about a brief excerpt randomly selected from deep within the book itself. Here it goes:

The knoll itself was a decent observation point from which to survey the countryside, including the surrounding hills. The hill slanted down gently and opened up into a small valley through which the stream they had crossed earlier meandered. The wheat in the fields had already been threshed and was now winnowing. In other fields, farmers had stripped the pastureland of its bounty, and all that remained was a thick carpet of waist-high grasses that swayed uneasily in the westerly wind.

“Enemy!” screamed an alert troop. Marcus pivoted in the direction of the pointing legionary. A short distance away, a figure emerged from the fading green of the forest. Behind the figure, mild hills sloped upward to verdant woods, deep with oak and ash. Marcus smiled grimly, for he knew the forest awaited the opportunity to spew forth its content of warriors.

The solitary figure stared upward toward the waiting Romans. Marcus could just barely make out the warrior’s features. He appeared to be very tall, with rippling muscles under clear white skin striped with woad. His hair glowed blond but not unnaturally so, and was thick and shaggy like a horse’s mane. He had a cloak fastened at the shoulder with a brooch that reflected brightly in the sun. He rode perpendicular to the forest edge, brandishing his sword and bellowing loudly, banging shield and sword together, his voice reverberating roughly within the natural acoustics of the small valley.

“He seems quite belligerent and full of himself now, doesn’t he?” said Marcus, eyebrow raised in calculation. “I can’t make out what he’s yelling. Is he directing that noise toward us?” he facetiously asked Leko, a playful smile on his lips.

Leko shrugged at the spectacle. “He’s putting forth his bona fides. He is Gymm of the Coritani, son of the King, and he’s boasting of the enemies he’s bested in combat,” he said for Marcus’ benefit. “He’s also challenging you to come out and fight him man to man, in single combat to the death.” He turned to Marcus, eager to see whether or not he would accept the challenge.

Marcus gritted his teeth and a predatory grin spread across his lips. Every fiber of his being tensed as the challenge branched its taunting tentacles deep within his spirit and a primeval surge hotly coursed his veins. Though just as enthusiastic to meet the challenge issued by the boisterous enemy warrior, he maintained the stony discipline emblematic of his rank.

“Nonsense,” he said to the skeptical Leko. “We fight together.” He noticed Leko’s expression of questioning disappointment. “I have greater responsibilities than charging out at a silly challenge issued by a half-naked barbarian. We will accept his challenge to fight, however,” he said. “Tell him so, but first offer him the opportunity to surrender. Promise him he will be treated fairly.”

Leko took a deep breath, filling his lungs as full as possible before yelling in the direction of the raging warrior. “My commander accepts your offer of battle, but he would rather not see brave warriors die needlessly. In an offer of friendship, he asks that you consider surrendering. No harm will befall you, and your warriors will be treated with honor. This my master has promised.” As Leko finished, he stole a glance at Marcus to see if anything further should be added.

The strutting warrior leapt off his horse, again clanging his sword and shield together loudly. Jeering, he pulled down his leather trousers, grabbed his privities and gesticulated crudely in the direction of the bemused Roman ranks. Marcus shrugged. He needed no interpreter to get the gist of that response.

That’s enough for now. Just enough to whet your appetite.  If you want more, just skip over to Amazon and order a print version, or download the book on whatever e-reader platform you happen to be going with these days.


New Horizons

“New Horizons”.  Sounds cliche, does it not? However, if the shoe fits, then wear it.  And that brings me to why I even bothered to power up my laptop this morning; a strong sense that it would be a serious mistake to ignore a journey that has tugged and seduced the edges of my mind for years with its potentialities.

“The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”  I didn’t coin that phrase. I’m not that clever. W.E.B. Dubois deserves the kudos for that nugget of wisdom. And yet it speaks to the creative thoughts and musings buried in all hearts, and to the visions that grow out of a heartfelt desire to act on a dream. But life interrupts and most dreams are left to wither on the vine, and shrivel and drift away, the untaken path little more than flotsam on life’s great river of what-ifs.

Since 1996, I have been working in the criminal justice system in one capacity or another. Cop, legal intern during lawschool, defense attorney, and at present, magistrate.  On March 25, I no longer will be a magistrate. Once again, I will be unemployed, but still an attorney. And that little tidbit is why you readers were subjected to the whole “New Horizons” cliche, admittedly anti-climactic for the reader, but singularly exhilerating for the author.

It’s not as if the prospect of unemployment is exhilerating in and of itself.  Being an unemployed attorney and writer/blogger is probably not at the top of everyone’s idea of success. There is nothing sexy about reaching in your pocket and emerging with lint and a couple of tic tacs.  Conceptually, it’s a hard sell and print will not be wasted in a vain attempt to otherwise convince.  The reality is that on March 26, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west and the immediate geography and landmarks upon which my eyes rest will be the same as the day before. 

But that suits this blogger just fine. I’ll take President Theodore Roosevelt’s advice and do what I can, with what I have, where I am. The journey will be full of detours and alot can happen along the way that is unexpected. Taking on cases and churning out novels takes a lot of work, but that too is part of the journey and should provide plenty of fodder for future blogs.

Looking back on my decision to resign, I realize that dreaming and thinking of writing was the easy part, but to put thoughts into action was one of the most difficult. There is no turning back and now this aspiring novelist must put hands to keyboard and create the very vision which impelled the taking of W.E.B. Dubois’ sage advice in the first place. Wish me luck, and if you’re inclined to do so, say a prayer for this author as lance is lowered and the chasing of the illusive literary windmill begins. It should prove interesting.


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