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As smartphones gradually replace many other necessities in our daily lives – such as the GPS, pocket organizer, address book and more, phones are also replacing entertainment. From watching movies, to enjoying music to reading books – it can all be done via phone, and many of the books are absolutely free. No one that owns a smartphone will ever again be stuck waiting at the airport or auto repair shop without something good to read.

To take advantage of these new eBook offerings, simply choose an eBook reader from your smartphone, such as the T-Mobile 4G phones, and download it. This allows you to download and read eBooks. Some are paid and some are completely free, and here are the top downloads out of the offerings that are entirely no-charge.

Light Through the Cracks

The fictional tale by Rebecca Raymer chronicles the story of a young woman named Lucy who runs away from an abusive home and winds up living in her car, pregnant with her drug dealer’s child. Full of surprises, this story brings heartbreak and sorrow, joy and laughter and many other emotions.


This Sci-Fi fantasy by Racheal Daigle is the fourth book in the Fated Saga. Full of suspense, this novel is about bonds that ought never to be broken.

101 Ways to Make Love to Yourself

A self-improvement book by Shevy Cardoza, it tells how to begin loving yourself and treating yourself right after coming through serious issues of self-doubt, depression and deep feelings of worthlessness. For anyone recovering from low self-esteem, eating disorders and other emotional problems, this books helps lead the way to true, fulfilling joy.

Colonel’s Book of Jokes and Trivia

This humorous book by Alok Kumor is a great way to pass the time, the perfect solution for a quick pick-me-up, and the jokes and interesting trivial facts are certain to make it into everyday conversations and speaking engagements you might have.

Dimension Shifter

This fiction novel by T.M. Neilson takes place in a world where the dimensions are in total uproar and magic has been outlawed. As an illegal magic user, Kyrin is forced to travel from dimension to dimension to avoid the law – which is determined to kill her for her illegal activities. Water is scarce in this world, making things even tougher.


A fictional story by Rachel Daigle, this book is about the shifting of the world of magic. Everything is changing, and not for the better, yet it is three years before the doorway back home opens up.

Other Titles

No matter what genre of books you’re into, there are definitely titles out there waiting for you to enjoy. EReader apps make it satisfying to “flip” pages in a natural motion, and many allow you to expand the text on the screen for larger print, or reduce the size to get more text on the page at the same time. Read the features of the eReader you’re considering for download to see what features it offers and how other users rate the app.
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