It would be naïve to suggest that the Premier League and Champions League could be still out of reach for Arsenal. The team is putting all its weight behind it efforts at winning the FA cup. This certainly is very important to salvage some pride and reputation for this great club. It is also beyond reasonable doubt that the for the second year in succession, Arsenal steps into the final of one of the world’s most sought after and oldest club competitions as a very big favorite because of many reasons. The FA Cup Final 2015 tickets on sale now banners are very much visible and all fans of Arsenal should take advantage and book their seats without any further delay.

A Few Reasons Why Arsenal Stands a Bright Chance

Things are much different for Arsenal compared to what they were in 2014. However, this Saturday could be the day for Arsenal as they take on Aston Villa at Wembley Stadium. Aston Villa has completed the season not so creditably and had to fight for relegation from the Premier League. Hence this certainly gives a big boost to Arsenal’s chances of winning this match quite handsomely. The pressure that was on them last time around will not be there for sure.

The last year was totally different. Arsenal was well and truly not in their elements and they were fighting hard to end a nine-year blank record as far as trophies were concerned. This pressure certainly weighed down on them as they went down 2-0 within the first eight minutes of play. Yes, it is a fact that Arsenal recouped and went to win the trophy through a 109th minute extra time goal by Aaron Ramsey. It is quite likely that this time around a more confident Arsenal will be setting their foot on Wembley Stadium, on their own terms.

Why Things Are Different Now

Things are quite different now because last year the expectation levels were much and hence the pressure to win was quite high. This was well summed-up by Arsenal Manager Wenger who said that the expectations were very demanding and absolute. He also goes on to say that this Saturday they have their own set of internal demands which they are confident of meeting. Additionally Wenger also has some writing to make as far as the history books are concerned.

A win on Saturday, would give Wenger a sixth FA cup winner tag. This certainly is an achievement which no other manager has been able to do since the Second World War. Yes, six wins did happen, but it was way back in 1920 and George Ramsay was the manager at that point of time. It should also be pertinent to bear in mind that Arsenal is looking to win the third back-to-back FA cup title wins for the third time in 23 years. If this is no mean achievement, the fact that they will be attempting to win this coveted trophy the fifth time in 14 years is also something that will set them on course.

It May Not Be A Cakewalk

It has to be borne in mind that in spite of a none-too-impressive record, Aston Villa will be no pushovers. They might have just managed to avoid relegation and may have ended up one place above the relegation danger-zone. However, things have changed quite positively for Villa under Tim Sherwood. He has been able to bring new energy to the team ever since he took over as manager in February, when the team was languishing in the bottom without a single win in the previous 10 matches.
Sherwood has been able to bring in lot of energy and purpose in the mid-field. The powerhouse striker Christian Benteke is seemingly at his best. Villa did manage to win lot of acclaim when they beat Liverpool in the semifinals at Wembley. They were all but not overawed by the occasion.

A Few More Points Worth Noting

Arsenal, on paper is a much better team in all departments. However, when it comes to comparison between the two strikers of the team, i.e., Olivier Giroud and Christian Benteke, the latter is at his dazzling best. Olivier has been struggling without a goal for the last eight matches. On the other hand Benteke has been amazing, scoring 12 goals in 12 matches and is one of the best as far as this season’s Premier League is concerned.

Villa midfielder Ashley Westwood feels that Christian is a thorn in the flesh for anyone. He also goes on to state that since he is back at his best, he will be on his own bullying defenders. The defenders of any team according to Ashley would have sleepless nights finding ways and means to tackle him. Benteke has certainly benefitted a lot under Sherwood and the direct style of playing certainly suits him. The teammates are only too eager to find Benteke early in the day because of his strength in the air.

Arsenal Manager will continue to go with Giroud as his main targetman, though there could be some alternatives for him.