With summer in full swing, both you and the kids are off from work and school respectively, and you’re enjoying time together as a family. Chances are, when you’re not busy taking day trips to the pool, you’ve heard a very common refrain pass their lips. “I’m bored” becomes the motto of the summer for young kids across the country between the months of June and August. If your children are having trouble finding something to do, sign them up for music lessons.


Music lessons will open up a whole new world for your children. While the immediate effects will be seen in how their time is occupied by lessons and practice, the benefits of learning an instrument do far more than just erase the word “bored” from their vocabulary. Neuroscientists, psychologists, and pediatricians agree that early musical training sets children on a brighter path in life, increasing their creativity and intellect.

While your child is learning the basics of music, their brain is hard at work. New pathways are developing and strengthening in the left hemisphere, where the ability to understand and process language is wired. Music also stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for understanding mathematics and spatial sense. By learning the language and metre of music, you’re children are improving their ability to process new information and solve problems. Recent studies have shown that this increases their chances of performing well in school.

Learning an instrument also stimulates their creative side. By putting a violin or guitar into their hands, you’re giving them the tools to express themselves and give life to their emotions. As they practice, there’s an opportunity for play – a freedom to test the limits of their instrument and skill in a way that will improve their self-confidence.

When you’re ready to sign your children up for musical lessons, drop by Long & McQuade. They have a teaching staff of professional musicians who are happy to introduce your kids to the world of music. They also have the best selection of music instruments in Canada, both for rent and to buy. That way should your son decide that perhaps violin isn’t quite his thing, you can switch to an instrument that he prefers without having paid full price for a new violin. Their generous rental agreements are perfect for the picky child, as you can choose the length of your rental and return it before your term is up with a refund for the remaining time.

You don’t have to spend your summer listening to a chorus of bored children. Sign your children up for music lessons and you can kill two birds with one stone. With their time occupied by lessons and practice, you’ll cut down on the times your children complain about their free time; and more importantly, you’ll set them up for bright future by enriching their lives with music.